Resident Activity Life @ CCRC

Resident Life

Residents at Country Club Assisted Living find themselves starting a new life full of new choices, activities and friends.
We pride ourselves on providing the best care, best dining, best atmosphere and the most choices possible. The goal of CCRC is to improve the lives and wellbeing of our Residents. There is no age limit at CCRC, we just provide services to assist with the little things that become more difficult as people age. CCRC Residents easily become accustomed to the generous support and care of our loving staff. We believe in keeping private things private, and helping residents to enjoy their lives by promoting independence and dignity.

Religious Services

The friendly Whitney community accommodates most religious preferences. CCRC has an on-site Chapel with non-denominational services, and the local churches have patrons who volunteer their time to offer transportation for CCRC to religious services around the community.
Clergy house calls are always welcome too.

CCRC Resident Hand Bell Choir

Get ready for the” Bell Ringing” to begin!

CCRC Resident Hand Bell Choir is anxiously awaiting Pioneer Day Celebration where they will perform at the opening ceremonies. This annual event that takes place every year on the first Saturday in October in downtown Whitney.

This year’s theme is “Supporting Our Veterans”. We will be playing The Star Spangled Banner, It’s a Grand Old Flag, Battle Hymn of the Republic, Yankee Doodle Dandy and God Bless America.

Our Bell Choir travels to various senior centers and other civic organizations to entertain and have fun. Our debut was at Pioneer Day 2012, and since then we have performed at Downtown Whitney Christmas Bazaar, at Intermediate and High School Christmas Band and Choir Concerts, nursing homes, churches and senior centers in Hillsboro, West and Waco.

We would like to come play for your group and enjoy the fellowship. It is a wonderful feeling to be able to bring pleasure, fun and entertainment to others. CCRC is where a new and important part of our lives has just begun, and we lived day to its fullest!

If you would like for us to come entertain your group, please call Amber at 940-600-3518 or Diane at 214-476-9805



Beauty and Glamor all in one Place!

Recently CCRC held its 3rd Annual Ms. CCRC Pageant. Participants were Jewel Burton, LeNell Carter, Andree Hager and Estelle Palmer. Estelle was crowned Ms. CCRC 2012 with Andree as first runner up. The pageants are a fun reason to get all dressed up and celebrate the lives and achievements of these remarkable ladies. Estelle represented CCRC is the Ms. Senior Heart of Texas Pageant.

Pamper Party

Even though CCRC has a full service salon and Licensed Cosmetologist on staff, Residents still find it fun to venture out and have a pamper party at local salons.

Happy 5oth Wedding Anniversary Bob & Carlene!

CCRC had the honor to throw a suprise anniversary party for Residents, Bob and Carlene Rolison

lg_Bob_and_CarleneBob, born in Cleburne, TX and Carlene born in Grosbeck, met in Boyd High School in Algebra Class. Bob was a senior and Carlene a sophomore. They did not date right away, but when they did finally date, there were only three dates before they married on Oct 1, 1962. 18 days after the marriage, Bob, a member of the Coast Guard, left for Tampakan, Philippines. Bob was in the Coast Guard for 6 years, then retired after 15 years in with the Air Force. He then worked for Hilco Electric for 15 years. Carlene was a clerk typist, who could type 60 wpm on a manual typewriter. When Carlen became a mother of the first of three children, she left outside work and stayed home to raise her children. They now have 8 grand children and a special canine companion, Maggie.

They are members of the First Baptist Church in Hillsboro, and both very eager to participate in all the activities at CCRC. The couple have a wonderful and playful since of humor. Bob said with a smile and a chuckle, the success of their marriage is, “he was gone a lot and they never raised their voice. He said Carlene refused to argue; she would just leave the room, or turn up the TV when he said something that she didn’t agree with!” After 50 years together the couple is still very much in love.

We celebrated this incredible union with a suprise anniversary party. Bob and Carlene accompanied several other residents to Big Tent Gulpepper & Merriweather Circus in Itasca on Oct 1, and upon return they were surprised to find friends and family gathered to honor them and their 50th Wedding Anniversary.

The CCRC dining room was adorned with balloons, ribbons, other decorations of gold, with the center piece a beautiful layered wedding cake made by CCRC’s own pastry chef, Lora Franklin.

It was quite a wonderful evening that left everyone in peaceful spirits.

Meet The Country Club Corsage

Country Club Assisted Living is proud to present, Country Club Corsage, our newly formed Red Hat Society.

L-R, Back Row: Iris Ivon Ferguson, Jasmine Judy Taylor, Jonquil Jackie Patton, Larkspur LeNell Carter, Magnolia Marlene Eubanks, Edelweiss Elsie Lefevere. Front row, L-R: Lavender Layla Harrison, Mary-Gold Barnett, Japonica Jewel Burton

We are very excited about the things to come. We are planning new activities and outings. Our adopted motto is: If you can’t have a good time, then what is life all about? And we plan to do just that, have a good time and enjoy life! Be sure to watch for us around town with the Park Plaza Nursing Home Dainty Dolls.

Corsages are an adornment made up of beautiful flowers and ribbons that are symbolic off honor, love, family, patriotism, memorials, remembrance, awareness or convictions to a cause.

Because corsages are creative, elegant, fun, and unique, we thought the corsage is the perfect representation of the Ladies of CCRC, so we named ourselves, The Country Club Corsage.

Independence Day

Let Freedom Ring!

Thankful to have the Freedom to Celebrate, CCRC Residents are looking forward to showing their support to our US Troops, past, present and future with a firework display on the eve of July 4th. Celebrating Independence Day is a joyous way to take pride and remember the sacrifices of their spouses, family members, friends and themselves made for this wonder country. We feel joy in our hearts as we sing Let Freedom Ring.
Decorated proudly in Red, White, and Blue, we will celebrate the day with games of trivia, traditional BBQ, watermelon, home-made ice-cream and finishing it off with fireworks!

We had a Ball at Waco Fair Lanes

CCRC Residents put on their bowing shoes and hit the alley at Waco Fair Lanes. At first thought, they were a little unenthusiastic at the thought of bowling, but they soon found out that there are many things that they didn’t think they could do, but can!

They had a “ball” of a time and are looking forward to “striking” out and going again!

Texas Ranger Musuem

Remember the Old West

CCRC Residents enjoyed a seeing a little history and remembrance of times past when they visited the Texas Ranger Museum in Waco. TX. We finished off the day with eating at one of our favorite spots, The Golden Corral.

All Aboard!!

CCRC Residents got a real surprise when they received farewells from a crew ready to board the Titanic!

CCRC Residents gathered in the dining room for what they were told was a special surprise, and they were surprised!
Residents found themselves caught in the middle of comical characters that were ready to board the Titanic. The passengers were wary about the voyage and asking the advice of the residents should they or should they not board? One character was even trying to find someone to take her place so she didn’t have to go, but could find no one that was willing to leave the comforts of CCRC and take her place upon the ship of dreams, the Titanic!

The characters were made up of owners Michael and Diane Ward, Director Judy Taylor and Park Plaza Nursing Home Administrator, Carolyn Schlee and Park Plaza Department Heads. It was great fun, and be sure to keep watch for the next adventure!!

Thanks to the Adopt Aunt & Uncle Program

There is nothing like a picnic in the spring!

CCRC wants to say ,Thank you to The White Bluff Chapel Adopt and Aunt & Uncle Program for the wonderful picnic they sponsored for Park Plaza and CCRC Residents. Also a special thanks to Isaiah’s Place for the use of the pavilion and to Singing for Seniors band for the entertainment. And don’t forget the mention the great prizes we received for Bingo!